The Importance Of Using Strong & Top Quality Jib Cranes For Top Performance

A crane is the most essential piece of equipment that workers in a particular site use when they have to lift immense weights and transport such loads from one place to another. Depending upon the tonnage they have to raise and space available at such an area, they employ different versions of such an apparatus. A jib crane is one such variety. This machine includes a vertical pillar, which is attached to a wall or floor. The column also has a horizontal structure known as a jib along with a portable hoist. The individual operating this equipment uses the jib to raise or lower heavy cargo with the aid of a drum.

Lifting and transporting very heavy loads from one area to another is a common activity in large construction sites. In addition to this, this type of equipment can also be found in industrial units, dockyards, ports, and warehouses. Employees working in such facilities cannot carry out such tasks manually because of the immense weight of such items. Moreover, there is always a risk that they may suffer from very severe injuries. This is the reason why these workers use jib cranes in such locations. The three main advantages of using this apparatus are as follows:

Extremely strong

In general, cranes falling under this category are very strong. However, the maximum load capacity these machines can lift and transport will vary according to their model. The design of the jib is such that it canwithstand not only its own weight but also the load it moves. The other parts of this equipment are just as durable and strong. This enable the person operating this apparatus to carry out certain lifting operations that under normal circumstances would not be possible.

Considerable reach

In comparison to a normal hoist, such cranes have a much greater reach. In the case of the former, this apparatus remains fixed in one place. This equipment can only lift or lower very heavy loads only vertically. Moreover, this machine cannot move such items from location to another. However, jib cranes can easily perform such tasks.


This type of crane does not have many moving parts. Due to this, there is a very remote chance of such machines breaking down during lifting operations. This reason why workers prefer to use this apparatus while carry out such activities.

Unloading capabilities

Cranes that come under this class have the ability to pivot 360° around their axis. This makes them suitable for lifting and unloading very loads at the back of flatbed trucks. The people operating this apparatus just have to more the jib of the crane in the direction of the vehicle. This equipment can then lift a heavy load from the back of the truck and carry the cargo to its storage place.

Jib cranes are a common feature in many industries. They make heavy lifting operations safe, fast and convenient, which would dangerous for workers to perform manually. Moreover, they do not occupy as much space like a normal hoist and obstruct other machines in the vicinity.